The Lord Forte Foundation was founded in 1987 by the late Charles Forte, Baron Forte of Ripley, and has been supporting the wider hospitality industry ever since.

The purpose of the charity is to encourage excellence within the fields of hospitality, encompassing the hotel, catering and tourism industries within the UK. The Foundation achieves its objectives by making awards to both individuals requiring help with their studies, and education establishments which provide training courses or carry out research or other projects relating to the hospitality industry.

Grant Applications The Trustees consider a wide range of applications each year. Each application is judged on its own merits – be it an innovative educational project that will benefit a large number of both present and future beneficiaries, or individuals who require some support to achieve their goal of excellence in the hospitality industry. The Trustees are conscious of the need to ensure the projects they support create improvements for future generations in the industry, as well as helping people today.

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